Do you have high deductible, co-insurance, or health savings account?

Given the changes in healthcare, more and more of the cost of healthcare is falling on the patient.  We are here to help.  We offer prices that are reasonable, usually 80% lower than the hospitals, saving you hundreds to thousands.  Call us or visit us, and learn more about the imaging center that so many patients have come to trust with their care.


Bright Light Radiology and SKAN Imaging is proud to announce that we now offer high-field MRI of the Breasts at BOTH locations!


With our high-field scanners and dedicated breast imaging program, MRI can help patients get the diagnosis they need.  Breast MRI is most often used for:

  • staging of known breast cancer
  • patients with high risk (strong family history) and/or dense breasts
  • evaluation of breast implants
  • inconclusive mammogram/ultrasound findings

Feel free to call us to learn about our state-of-the-art breast MRI program, led by Dr. Mendi and Dr. Lin. 


BLR/Skan will save you up to 80%

over hospital or hospital-affillated facilities, significantly lowering your out of pocket costs.

Learn more about your cost savings