BLR/Skan offers every imaging modality that a patient would need, all in one convenient location



Our MRI is a 1.5-Tesla (high-field).  This means that it produces highly detailed images, up to 4 times more detailed than an open magnet. Our short-bore MRI is spacious for patient comfort.  We offer headphones with music to make the experience more comfortable.  Common MRIs include brain, spine, bones, joints, and abdomen/pelvis.  Learn More About MRI


Women's Imaging

We offer mammograms (screening and diagnostic), breast biopsy, DEXA (bone density), and ultrasound.  Learn More About BLR Women's Center



Our multi-detector CT produces detailed images of the body, and allows for 3D reconstructions.



Our state-of-the-art new GE ultrasound machine, along with our experienced techs, make good, accurate ultrasound studies.  We offer vascular, breast, abdomen, pelvis, thyroid, leg, and many other types of ultrasound.  We also offer ultrasound-guided thyroid fine needle aspiration and biopsy.





We offer resting echocardiograms and EKG.



BLR/Skan will save you up to 80%

over hospital or hospital-affillated facilities, significantly lowering your out of pocket costs.

Learn more about your cost savings